Our Solutions

Our Track Record

Placing long-term & short-term candidates for our clients not only benefits both parties, it helps us improve and grow our services to provide an even better experience the next time around. 

Pre-Vetted Bench

We operate an ongoing vetting process where our trusted candidates are re-vetted every 3 months. We aim to have your candidates prepared before you even know you need them.

Their Track Record

Not only do we have a great track record, we ensure our candidates do too. We have trusted individuals with years of experience behind them working in industry, placed by us.

Capitex offers a range of different solutions for financial crime resourcing.

Deployment of temporary resources for project based work

Capitex are able to mobilise small to large teams of FC/KYC operations in a short amount of time. If you need a team to help with remediation activities in the KYC space, Capitex can mobilise a large team immediately from our pre-vetted bench to help you tackle the project within a day.

Deployment of permanent resources

If you are looking at scaling your business by one or more permanent resources, Capitex have a dedicated headhunting team to help you do so, quickly.

Executive search

Capitex also have a dedicated executive search function to help our clients hire executive level employees. We keep the assignment highly confidential and map the entire market ensuring the very best suited candidates are brought through to be interviewed.


Trusted Process